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a voyage outside the Earth's atmosphere

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Ley--who died less than a month before the moon landing--assumed space travel would be a private venture.
The point was to help determine that the risks of space travel as we know it, are to the human body, and what changes will happen during long-term continuous space travel.
Good for topic work on robots, space travel and for use by STEM clubs.
Yuri's successful space travel inspired an intensified effort to undertake space research and develop space programs.
Developed by renowned American aviation and space technology corporation Boeing, the capsule itself is a prototype of the CST-100 being constructed to undertake commercial space travel by 2017.
A However, by releasing the recommended practices for human space flight safety, the FAA could be ushering in a new era of space travel spearheaded by private companies.
9 profound insights from space travel that will enhance your life on this planet
The availability of tourist space travel came a step closer yesterday when Virgin Galactic, the space travel enterprise of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin empire, carried out the first powered test flight of its spaceplane.
GPs could be asked to give their patients' medical advice for space flights as outer space travel opportunities become increasingly available to the general public, experts said.
Washington, Shawwal 30, 1432, Sep 28, 2011, SPA -- Commercial aerospace firm Space X announced plans Thursday to develop the world's first completely resuable rocket, which chief executive Elon Musk said could revolutionize space travel.
He surveys scientific thought from the turn of the twentieth century, the first literary conception of generational space travel in the 1930s, and the multitude of modern science fiction literature on the subject to follow.
The event will include various discussion sessions, the company's Travel Innovation Awards and a space travel event.
has signed a two-year agreement with NASA to jointly develop an LED fixture suitable for space travel.
EXHIBITION: Spaceport uses images, film and detailed models to explain the landmark stages from the earliest concepts of space travel, to the Moon landing.
According to the scientists, the advancement will revolutionise space travel.
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