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a pressure suit worn by astronauts while in outer space

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The piano and the space suit will join Stephenson's Rocket for the Great Exhibition.
The 22lb Sokol space suit - like the Rocket, to be loaned by London's Science Museum - was worn by Helen Sharman, who is from Sheffield, when she visited the Mir Space Station in 1991.
The Space Suit Textile Testing Challenge offered three prizes of $5,000 for winning ideas on how to test the outer protective layer of spacesuit material for performance in different kinds of planetary environments, such as like Mars or large asteroids.
Young visitors to the event had the chance to try on a genuine space suit
Among one of his priced acquisitions is the Moon Dust Romische acquired from an American astronaut's space suit.
A research center under the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation used a 3D printer to create the vent pipes and the flanges connecting the pipes used on extravehicular space suit, according to a recent report from China Space News.
That would be the first such test of a new space suit design in four decades.
In addition, visitors will enjoy a special photo display stand which incorporates a genuine Orlan space suit used by cosmonauts in the Russian Space Program.
A COLLECTION OF EARLY WINDMILLS AND THE legendary Model A7L Apollo space suit were designated as Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmarks in September.
The new space suit is called the "Z-1 Prototype Spacesuit and Portable Life Support System (PLSS) 2.
Wee wumman decides man in space suit has clearly been imbibing sherry in his Red Bull and slowly backs away.
I MARRIED A MEERKAT FROM OUTER SPACE I married a meerkat from outer space; It wore a pink space suit, embroidered with lace.
Hamilton Sundstrand will also continue to perform as lead contractor on the EMU space suit through to 2018.
One morning, Chloe saw that a space suit was missing.
Julie first dreamed of wearing a space suit when she was nine years old.
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