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a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research

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Despite the impression that most space missions conduct liftoff from the ground, the International Space Station is actually a large spacecraft orbiting the Earth.
This series will be a short wrap-up of the week's activities aboard the space station that will showcase the diversity of activities taking place aboard the world's only orbiting laboratory.
A) Astronauts living on the space station experience microgravity.
NASA recently awarded SpaceX, in partnership with Rocketplane, a $500 million prize to build a vehicle that will deliver crew and cargo to the International Space Station by 2010.
She won't be on the space station with the ENose, so the ENose will send information from the space station to her computer in California.
If they were to do that, then the investment in the space station would be at risk," England says.
Space Adventures' agreement with the International Space Station Partnership, which oversees the International Space Station, requires Space Adventures or its passengers to buy insurance including policies to pay for a second attempt if the first attempt fails, as well as a certain amount of life insurance.
On board the space station, the conditions are those of freefall, the centrifugal force is exactly equal and opposite to the gravity force.
Construction begins on the International Space Station, a permanent, orbiting scientific laboratory.
Each end of the arm has a mechanical hand that can grasp and anchor onto various regions of the space station.
With a "space footprint" the size of almost two football fields, the International Space Station is the largest international space venture ever undertaken, and a historic joint effort of 16 countries.
On December 6, astronauts aboard the space shuttle Endeavour "tied the knot" between Zarya and Unity, the first two modules of the International Space Station (ISS).
The international Space Station (ISS) is the world's biggest science project.
Consider that the basic price tag for the space station has grown from $8 billion to $32 billion in the past five years, even though the size of the facility has shrunk.
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