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a rocket powerful enough to travel into outer space

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And the renowned scientist said space rockets run by the kind of technology used in Star Trek would be needed to colonise hospitable planets.
Take a fascinating journey with amazing space rockets and hundreds of interactive activities with the latest in audio-visual technology.
The game requires users to guide mice into space rockets while avoiding many pitfalls.
While Japanese companies have so far supplied parts for space rockets, it will be the first time a Japanese company has made the core part of a rocket.
McDonnell Douglas will test engines for a new generation of space rockets at Edwards Air Force Base's Phillips Laboratory, a spokesman said Friday.
This means that we will maintain our leading position in nozzles and turbines for space rockets," says Staffan Zackrisson, President of Volvo Aero.
He had spent a career in the aerospace industry, engineering space rockets.
The theme for this year's Big Draw is Engineering and Inventions and people also drew space rockets, cars and robots.
Along with washing up bottles, baking foil and egg cartons, the Smarties tube has always been an essential part of every child's DIY modeling kit, used to create all manner of things from space rockets to castles ( a true Blue Peter essential
Now Richard Branson has proved it by announcing he's blowing 60 million quid on developing five space rockets to jet us into the milky way on our hols.
Space rockets could be blasting off from British territory for the first time in two years, it was claimed last night.
Volvo Aero has been convinced for some time that the new nozzle technology will be applied in tomorrow's space rockets.
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