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a rocket powerful enough to travel into outer space

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Visitors will have a one-off chance to sit inside a real space rocket capsule which is being shown in the UK for the first time.
The displays in World Museum cover everything from space rockets, to dinosaur bones, and from an Aztec calendar to live leafcutter ants.
From swimming crash courses at Coventry Sports Centre, launching space rockets at Coventry Transport Museum to discovering marvellous minibeasts at Coombe Country Park, there is something for everyone.
The theme for this year's Big Draw is Engineering and Inventions and people also drew space rockets, cars and robots.
And the renowned scientist said space rockets run by the kind of technology used in Star Trek would be needed to colonise hospitable planets.
Take a fascinating journey with amazing space rockets and hundreds of interactive activities with the latest in audio-visual technology.
The game requires users to guide mice into space rockets while avoiding many pitfalls.
While Japanese companies have so far supplied parts for space rockets, it will be the first time a Japanese company has made the core part of a rocket.
Volvo Aero focuses on development, manufacture and overhaul of military and commercial aircraft engines, development and production of engine components for space rockets and gas turbines and production of automotive components.
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