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a rocket powerful enough to travel into outer space

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"This year's inventory list also includes a Starchaser space rocket, a Second World War bravery medal, deeds to land in the Scottish Highlands, a pilot's licence and a Lionhead rabbit called Bugs Bunny.
Rumours are that Bond 25 will take the franchise to a whole new level - namely the stratosphere - with a giant space rocket in the mix.
Show central hosted not one but two restored B-29 bombers, Fifi and Doc, that flew together in the afternoon air shows; plus a space rocket from Blue Origin, the Proteus high-altitude flyer from Scaled, and military and civilian aircraft from all eras of flight.
Hitler's Space Rocket Yesterday, 7pm Wernher von Braun is one of history's most controversial figures.
PLAYMOBIL SPACE ROCKET WITH LAUNCH SITE A BATTERY-operated light-and-sound space module.
Vendian Entertainment has partnered with Wild Bunch and Nicolas Winding Refn's Space Rocket on a multi-year first-look deal.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Russia launched a Soyuz-2.1a space rocket from the newly-built Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Far Eastern Amur region in the early hours of Thursday, TASS news agency reported.
Japan's decision to put its military on heightened alert comes on the heels of the reclusive East Asian nation's plans to launch a space rocket between Feb.
An illustration of an accelerating space rocket in Tom Siegfried's essay "Getting a grip on gravity" (SN: 10/17/15, p.
The UAE Space Agency has received entries of participation from more than 1,850 students from various primary, middle and secondary schools across the UAE, as part of the 'Space Rocket' competition, which was launched by the agency during the Dubai Air Show.
July 16, 1969: The Apollo 11 space rocket takes off successfully from Cape Kennedy, Florida, at the start of the first attempt to land a man on the Moon.
"This design feature was not fully taken into account at the trail stage of the creation of this space rocket complex (of Progress cargo spacecraft and carrier rocket's third stage)," Roscosmos explained.
THE apocalyptic aftermath of a US space rocket explosion stretches across the horizon as onlookers trudge away in stunned silence.
MOSCOW, Ramadan 12, 1435, July 09, 2014, SPA -- Russia will make a second attempt to launch its first newly designed space rocket since the Soviet era on Wednesday after its high-profile debut was aborted in the final countdown last month, Reuters reported.
Summary: Space rocket engines have been recovered from the Atlantic Ocean seabed.
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