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a manned artificial satellite in a fixed orbit designed for scientific research

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has acquired Cincinnati, US-based coworking space Platform 53 in Covington's MainStrasse Village, the firm said.
Robotic refueling system for space platform servicing.
Sukul, one of a handful of representatives hoping to replace retiring secretary general Raymond Benjamin in 2015, said he is campaigning on a "space platform."
Rating 89% OUT OF THIS WORLD Title Angry Birds Space Platform iPhone Genre Puzzle Price 69p ASIN N/A How do you top one of the best games ever to grace the iPhone?
Angry Birds Space Platform: iPhone How do you top one of the best games ever to grace the iPhone?
DOUBTS OVER RUSSIAN GOALS Foreign space officials and experts said they doubted Russian firms would be able to replace the 40-year-old Soyuz, much less launch a space platform, as quickly as planned.
Rating: 79% Dead Space Platform: iPhone Genre: Action Price: pounds 3.99 ASIN: N/A THE recent release of Dead Space 2 is likely to steal the headlines in the weeks to come, but this diddy little descendant on the iPhone will scare the socks off you if you're up for a spooky shooter on the small screen.
Videocon d2h has Active Bhakti music video channel and regional devotional audio channels under its Active Music Space platform. Customers can now enjoy a unique Music experience 24 hrs a day with music of all genres like Gurbani, Hindi Latest Hits, Bhakti, Hamaar Geet, DJ mix, Urdu Devotional and other attractive Genres.
First you take a high-speed lift to the Space Platform, 330ft up, then special effects mimic a rocket launch and roar you to the top.
This meager tug means it would take much less energy to transport rocket fuel from the moon to the space platform.
Without the roar of a rocket or its exorbitant cost, an elevator powered by a laser would quietly transport payloads and people to a space platform. And that may not be the end of the trip for some.
Designed to be a multi-room space platform and research facility, the station includes six laboratories where scientists will study scientific visualization and surgery, microgravity cancer treatments, and the development of space-grown sources of petroleum.
As I look up at the MIR space platform each night, I can't help but wonder what our heavens will look like after countless private corporations and governments proceed with their plans for shooting more and bigger "junk" into orbit.
The meeting concluded with the announcement of a university design competition on the intriguing topic of aerobots, a space platform design that operates in a planetary atmosphere, combining aspects of orbiting platforms and surface vehicles.
The entrance to each housing unit is level with the day space platform, and a ramp connects the lower portion of the day space and lower cell level.
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