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someone who upholds or maintains

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In lower arch, 85 was planned for extraction, followed by distal shoe space maintainer.
A space maintainer serves the purpose of preserving the arch length as well as addresses the problems associated with the loss of teeth stated above.
Prepared rectangular space maintainer was made 1mm away from gingival margin, bonded onto the buccal surfaces of abutment teeth.
A lingual arch space maintainer was used and then mandibular second primary molars were extracted.
As the fixed space maintainer was bulky and over contoured, the patient and parents were clearly informed of the importance of oral hygiene by giving attention to plaque control and traditional home care procedures.
One approach is to control the space created from the premature loss of primary teeth by the provision of a space maintainer (SM) appliance [Qudeimat and Fayle, 1998; Christensen and Fields, 2005].
The traditional appliance has been the distal shoe space maintainer, but fabrication and placement can be quite complicated.
Most of the reported cases of crown-root fractures have undergone extraction followed by space maintainers [Needleman and Wolfman, 1976; Morisaki et al.
He also covers various appliances and treatments such as space maintainers, crowns, lasers, and dentifrices; oral habits, gingival health, fluorides, and plaque; prenatal oral health; cariology and management; restorative dentistry; endodontic therapy; unconventional and conventional anesthesia techniques; conscious sedation; commonly used drugs; the management of dental and maxillofacial injuries and common oral pathologies; common infectious lesions; the management of problems in handicapped and systemically compromised children, and sport players; forensic science; genetic counseling; advances in dental instruments; research methodology and biostatistics; and private practice issues.
The supplement is completed with reports on Reiger's syndrome, hypophosphataemia, removable space maintainers and a report on bacteraemia related to tooth brushing.