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a helmet worn by astronauts while in outer space

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Try approaching the problem from the most absurd angles possible (e.g., dino in space helmet).
HOLLYWOOD actress Sandra Bullock swapped a space helmet for stilettos when she hit the red carpet as the major draw for the second day of the London Film Festival.
Using aluminum foil and cardboard, she created a space helmet over a foot high!
(3) Above right: Katie Gelinas puts a space helmet and flight suit on student Zachary Scott.
Tony Mowbray was back and, thanks to my Evening Gazette, I could even get a cardboard Mogga space helmet, complete with two staples and an elastic band.
The 23-year-old design student from Coatbridge has invented two designs - one is a stationary tabletop version, which joins pairs or groups of people, and the other is a mobile version, which looks like a space helmet for people to wear and "connect" with other users.
Byline: With his space helmet polished, rapper Akon is all set to take you to another world next month.
Leland Melvin has utterly no regrets about trading in his cleats and NFL jersey for a pressurized g-suit and space helmet. The Rocket Man is happy.
Petra said: "I wanted to create something futuristic without being ridiculous and making something that looked like a space helmet.
WHY is everyone so surprised that Jordan can put her head in a space helmet and tolerate all manner of slimy creatures crawling all over her?
This cover by Kurt Ard seems to beg the question: Who looks sillier, a little bronco buster in a five-gallon hat or a grown woman in a space helmet? Somewhere along the washing, cutting, rolling, cold-waving, neutralizing, rinsing, setting, drying, and combing processes, little Two-Gun has fallen asleep, perhaps dreaming of a land peopled by wild Indians who had even more permanent plans for a female scalp.
Jun Gu Shin and Phillip Gomez ran leak, air pressure and electrical checks inside a space helmet. Their "suit-up" procedure ran about five minutes.
His eyes lit up and with a face full of excitement, he replied, "Well, I get to wear this bubble helmet." When I encouraged him to go on with his description, he continued describing the space helmet.