space cadet

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someone who seems unable to respond appropriately to reality (as if under the influence of some narcotic drug)

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The 'Titanic' star had put up the seat for auction in Cannes for nonprofit group amFAR that supports AIDS research and a space cadet has paid around 1 million dollars to bid at the auction that was served by Sharon Stone, chair of amFAR, New York Daily News reported.
The non-profit Mars One, backed by a Dutch billionaire, will whittle down the wannabe astronauts to between 28 and 40 space cadets over the next two years.
MAY I second the sentiments of Space Cadet in his extolling of Arthur C Clarke as one of mankind's real gentlemen (Mailbag March 25).
By next fall, real-life 300-mph races that take place some 5,000 feet above a grandstand crowd will signal the emergence of the RRL, the air- brained scheme of space cadet Peter Diamandis.
Then it's toodle-oo to Creve Coeur ("that's French for fucked heart") and hello to the manicured Indiana manse of her 35-year-old gay half brother, Bill (Hollow Reed's Martin Donovan), and his space cadet toy-boyfriend, Matt (Ivan Sergei).
We've made it," space cadet Billy sighs at the end of Easy Rider, to which copilot Captain America replies, "No man, we blew it.
Elliott's Space Cadet is another worth keeping on side after running a promising race when third in the Thyestes Chase just over a fortnight ago.
From statement trousers to minimalist accessories, here's how to work the stylish space cadet look.
Moon dust for a right space cadet ST GWYNNIE of the Blessed Goop has been at it again.
99) follows up on the series opener The Planet Thieves, which continues the story of space cadet Mason Stark and a space agency.
And some space cadet called Mark insists: "As you can see we've got the giant constellation of Orion with the red star Betelgeuse high in the top left hand corner.
The artist released the chill out classic CafA Del Mar as well as the critically acclaimed Fragments From A Space Cadet LP in 2007.
SPACE Cadet winner Keri Hassett is over the moon - after falling in love with a fellow finalist from the hoax show.
Singer turned space cadet Alistair Griffin sent his fans into raptures - and into the car park - at his latest concert.
Of the remaining four, Jetstream Jack and Space Cadet are trained by Gordon Elliott, but he might be unwilling to pitch either in against stablemates Lieutenant Colonel, Ball D'Arc or A Toi Phil, who are all owned by Gigginstown, so VVCONTINUES page 3