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someone who seems unable to respond appropriately to reality (as if under the influence of some narcotic drug)

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He describes life as a space cadet experiencing zero-G maneuvers in the "Vomit Comet," and a flight to 80,000 feet in the F-104A Starfighter.
Included is a paint mode with a palette of colors, patterns, stamps and special effects; a music mode with 27 instrumental sounds, 18 rhythms, seven tempos and 36 sound effects; a style mode, which allows users to mix and match heads, bodies and legs to form creatures and a games mode featuring five games (Space Cadet, Whereabouts, The Adventures of Max and Maxine.
"We've made it," space cadet Billy sighs at the end of Easy Rider, to which copilot Captain America replies, "No man, we blew it." It's a fitting finale to a search for the land of opportunity, a search that seems at once culturally essential and inherently doomed, since such a land lies in the future, in what could be, and therefore can never be reached in the present.
He might know DIY, but when it comes to the 1969 moon landing Nick Knowles is a space cadet. The I'm A Celeb star claimed NASA faked the Apollo 11 mission because Kodak film used by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong would not have worked outside Earth's atmosphere.
Elliott's Space Cadet is another worth keeping on side after running a promising race when third in the Thyestes Chase just over a fortnight ago.
From statement trousers to minimalist accessories, here's how to work the stylish space cadet look...
Moon dust for a right space cadet ST GWYNNIE of the Blessed Goop has been at it again.
TOM Youngs marvels at the ability of "space cadet" Jonny May to conjure moments of magic that bring an unpredictable edge to England's attack.
Dan Krokos' THE BLACK STARS (9780765334299, $17.99) follows up on the series opener The Planet Thieves, which continues the story of space cadet Mason Stark and a space agency.
And some space cadet called Mark insists: "As you can see we've got the giant constellation of Orion with the red star Betelgeuse high in the top left hand corner."
Coined as 'Denmark's Original Space Cadet', Kenneth is known for his vivid imagination, creating a weird and wonderful world of decadent Balaeric electronica soundtracks.
While one of the final three - Geordie kid Joe McElderry, cheeky chappie Olly Murrs and space cadet single mum Stacey Solomon - will have been axed last night, the two remaining finalists sing for a lucrative recording contract, a debut single almost guaranteed to be the Christmas number one and an opportunity which will change their life forever.
MAY I second the sentiments of Space Cadet in his extolling of Arthur C Clarke as one of mankind's real gentlemen (Mailbag March 25).
SPACE Cadet winner Keri Hassett is over the moon - after falling in love with a fellow finalist from the hoax show.
Singer turned space cadet Alistair Griffin sent his fans into raptures - and into the car park - at his latest concert.