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the bar-shaped typewriter key that introduces spaces when used

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The sleek, compact keyboard saves you space without sacrificing comfort thanks to full-size keys and a wide-curved space bar. And Logitech's newest keyboard offers hot keys that give you instant access to your favorite websites, e-mail, play/pause, volume and more.
Then, on Monday, the party moves to Pure Space Bar for the Eurocultured festival.
Not a pleasant thought is it, that manky bit of banana wedged under the space bar, or the mouldy corner of crust languishing under your Caps Lock key?
During the test run of the PID scenario, the operator holds down on the space bar to enable the PID loop to continue.
Its Space Bar, which sits 34 floors up, offers a 360- degree view of the city.
According to the Capello Index website, boffins at the Bocconi School of Management have devised a formula which sees players marked down for a 'longrangepasserror' or a 'goalkeeperblunder', but boosted if they produce a 'niceassistgoal', or 'diagonaldefensecover' - these boffins are so clever, you see, they don't even need a space bar.
Designed to connect to a mobile device via USB cable or wireless Btuetooth, an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices, Refreshabraille 18 supports common screen readers and includes 18 eight-dot refreshable braille cells, 18 cursor routing keys, Forward and Back scroll buttons, a five-position joystick, and an auxiliary space bar. The device is available for a cost of $1,695.
* Holding down the space bar at any time will allow you to pan around an image.
"Dean is an intelligent young man, he ran the space bar incredibly well, all the customers were very impressed with his service and thought his sandwiches were first class.
Next, an avoidance conditioning procedure was used to establish one member of the relational network (B1) as a discriminative stimulus ([S.sup.D]) for avoidance responding (i.e., pressing the computer space bar to avoid upcoming aversive images and sounds) and another (B2) as discriminative for nonavoidance responding (i.e., not pressing the space bar and not viewing nonaversive images).
In the event of a server disaster, users reboot the server and press the space bar on the keyboard to activate the program, rolling back the system to the most recent backup point.
Highlight ENABLE WEAPON TEST and push the space bar until YES is highlighted.
Rhythmic dictation is answered by either tapping the space bar or clapping into a microphone.
The Lapboard reportedly has full size keys, extended space bar and an inverted 'T' for both left and right-handed players to navigate through games.
QWHEN I use Word 6.0, the space bar on my keyboard produces a decimal point instead of a blank space.
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