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erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers

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SILVA & ROSOLEM (2001) associated the higher absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium by soybean plants with less dense soils, a parameter which directly affects the soil penetration resistance.
Soybean plant tissues were placed on top of the agar for the experiments and included 1) expanding and 2) fully expanded trifoliates from the top two-thirds of the plant, 3) flowers (R1-R2), 4) immature pods (a mixture of R3-R4), 5) developed pods with developing seeds (R5), 6) pods with developed seeds (R6), 7) stems, and 8) petioles from the top two-thirds of the plant.
Torresdey's team previously showed that soybean plants grown in hydroponic solutions accumulated zinc and cerium dioxide in ways that alter plant growth and could have health implications.
Researchers discovered that combining variant genes from two different soybean plants into a new variant reversed that process.
It noted that the function of Monsanto's invention is being performed when the genetic information protects the soybean plant against the action of glyphosate, but not when it is found in a residual state in soy meal, which is a dead material obtained after the soy has undergone treatment.
Only a single case of predation was observed, namely a large immature individual feeding on an immature leafhopper (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae) on a soybean plant.
Before students start to draw, I demonstrate a few technical drawing procedures and show them my observation drawing of a soybean plant.
When properly harvested and cured, the soybean plant makes excellent hay.
The genetic modification in Roundup Ready soybeans involves incorporating a bacterial version of this enzyme (from Agrobacterium species, strain CP4) into the soybean plant, giving the soybean protection from Roundup.
In the 17th century, Europeans took the soybean plant from its native Asia to Europe.
Whether it's from a soybean plant or an ash tree, all plants have cell membranes that shield them from the environment.
He concluded that at this time when I am briefing media, the bumper crop of soybean is ready for harvesting and in this regard PARC will be able to provide certified seeds of soybean plant for the enhancement of soybean crop.
The new, automated greenhouses will comprise a soybean plant movement system to increase research efficiency.
Identification of soybean plant characteristics that indicate the timing of drought stress.