soybean milk

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a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water

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Other hot drinks is expected to register both a steady retail volume and value CAGR of 2% at constant 2015 prices over the forecast period, with sales driven by stable demand mainly for soybean milk powder and oatmeal, with the ageing population their main target audience.
It is in this perspective that this intervention was conducted to determine the extent to which soybean milk and soybean flour in the diet could improve the nutritional status of malnourished children under five.
The soybean milk was prepared according to the method described by El-Keraby et al.
If a baby is allergic to cow milk, soybean milk is a best substitute.
Aloe juice is a well-known laxative, which helps eliminate toxins accumulated overnight, while the special milk shake has protein powder and milk or soybean milk, with fruit or nuts.
A cholesterol-free ice cream made from soybean milk is likely to help the Kanebo group's frozen confectionary division survive a drastic restructuring of Kanebo by the Industrial Revitalization Corp.
Most non-vegetarians are not interested in trying uncommon foods like tofu, soybean milk, tempeh, bean sprouts, and some beans, but they could benefit from the dietary advantages.
Soybean milk producer Kibun Food Chemifa, listed on the Second Section, and natural seasonings producer Yaizu Suisankagaku Industry, which has developed a beef-flavored essence made mainly with bonito extract, gained ground.
Tofu, the cheeselike soybean curd, is now widely available; however, dried soybeans, soy flour, and soybean milk may require a visit to a natural-foods store.
DAIRY: Plain low-fat yogurt (64), skim milk (55), buttermilk-1% fat (46), milk-2% fat (43), soybean milk (33), cottage cheese-1% fat (30), whole milk (28), chocolate milk-2% fat (27), ricotta cheese-part skim (26), low-fat American cheese (26).
It is made from coagulated soybean milk and water, and resembles cream cheese in look and appearance, though it's softer.
As reported by Iwuoha and Umunnakwe, production of liquid bean milks like soybean milk generally involves a blanching and roasting pre-treatment, dehulling, milling, suspending in water, boiling, and filtration to obtain a milk-like phase [8].