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soybeans bought or sold at an agreed price for delivery at a specified future date

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The Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) (5) is the largest agricultural futures exchange in China and the second-largest soybean futures market in the world after the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT, a member of the CME Group).
The decline in soybean futures has been less than the grains overnight as traders await the decision from US President Donald Trump on Chinese trade tariffs, a decision that could be made as early as Friday morning US time.
The raw data used in the present paper comprise daily settlement prices for soybean futures contracts.
September soybean futures are trading for $11.24 per bushel.
"People have no need to worry." International soybean prices surged late last year but have fallen back in recent months and on China's Dalian Commodity Exchange, the benchmark soybean futures contract for November delivery closed at 4,471 yuan ($730) per tonne on Tuesday.
Last week Sheenson Investments Ltd., a Shanghai based company, had been asked to return USD1m and pay a USD500,000 fine for exceeding limits in soybean futures.
soybean futures eased further on Thursday from record highs as harvesting got underway amid hopes rain may salvage some drought-hit soy crops in the United States.
The difference between the price of US soybeans for the post-harvest slot (tied to November 2012 soybean futures) and the price for soybeans available for March delivery is more than $1.30 a bushel, as fears of a potential US production failure ensure nearby soybean prices establish and hold a steep price premium over soybeans prices tied to later delivery periods.
drought in 56 years pushed soybean futures to a record high $17.77-3/4 a bushel on Friday and corn also to an all-time high of $8.28-3/4.
Now that grain and soybean futures trading at the Chicago Board of Trade and some other exchanges has expanded to 21 hours per day (from 5:00 p.m.
US soybean futures rose about 7 percent in March and gained about 17 percent in the first quarter of this year spurred by concerns about tight supplies as drought hit South America and smaller US plantings.
US soybean futures dropped capping a weekly decline of 4.9 per cent amid worries that China's steps to fight inflation would limit demand in the world's top soy buyer.
1981: After failing to graduate from the University of California, Henry trades corn and soybean futures before setting up his own company, John W.
The Chicago Board of Trade's soybean futures, which sets the initial price of the ingredient, is heavily influenced by many market conditions, such as the weather, harvest expectations, freight rates, market activity and speculation, or even transport strikes or political instability in soy growing countries.
Soybean futures faced heavy selling pressure to kick off October.