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About 150,912 metric tons of soyabean oil imported in last year to fulfill the domestic requirements as against the import of 156,718 metric tons of same period of last year.
In terms of quantity, the soyabean oil imports decreased from 125,193 metric tons to 95,112 metric tons, showing decline of 24.03 percent.
Pakistan annually imports over 2.3 million m tons of soyabean seed which is used to extract 418,700 m tons of soyabean oil. The current government is focusing on import substitution in the oil seed sector.
The import of milk products rose by 6.32pc to $197.77m while that of soyabean oil surged by 52.56pc to $110.56m and spices 19.55pc to $122.05m.
The high-fat diets composed of coconut oil, palm oil, soyabean oil, and sunflower oil had a significantly higher (p<0.0001, one-way ANOVA) energy content compared to that of the standard diet.
Sunflower, canola and soyabean oil are used for the production of biodiesel.
Turn the volume up and get ready to party as Soyabean Oil and Rice Protein join forces in this weightless formula which creates head turning results.
Tea and soyabean oil witnessed an increase during the period under review over last year.
Mustard seed, also known as rapeseed and canola, is the third biggest source of vegetable oil in the world after soyabean oil and palm oil.
From biodiesel standpoint, one difficulty with using used cooking oil as the feedstock is that it is not an homogenous oil, but a mix of different oils, such as canola oil, soyabean oil, palm oil.
Transesterification of soyabean oil to biodiesel with Zn/I2 catalyst.
The industrial demand for crude palm oil was strong in FY11 as is evident from increased import of soyabean oil, which is widely used for blending with palm oil in cooking oil and ghee manufacturing.
18 February 2010 - Indian credit rating agency CRISIL gave BB+ with a "stable" outlook and P4+ to various bank facilities of local soyabean oil and de-oiled cakes producer Dhanlaxmi Solvex Pvt Ltd.
Bio-diesel is a fuel made from vegetable oils such as palm oil, soyabean oil, and rapeseed oil.