soya milk

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a milk substitute containing soybean flour and water

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My soya milk was stopped (lactose-free) so I could not even have breakfast cereal.
My soya milk was stopped so I could not even have breakfast cereal.
Add 2 tablespoons of oil and 3 tablespoon of soya milk and blend.
I don't even drink cow's milk, but I have fruit juice in these cartons as well as soya milk, and it often feels like half of my black bin rubbish is taken up by these cartons.
The activists also distributed soya milk samples and pamphlets encouraging people to support their mission against cruelty towards animals.
Mushroom and garlic tartlets Serves six Ingredients 250g (8oz) puff pastry 500g (1lb) button or closed cap mushrooms, sliced Two cloves garlic, crushed One tablespoon parsley, chopped One tablespoon olive oil 300ml (half a pint) unsweetened soya milk 50g (2oz) plain flour 50g (2oz) dairy free margarine Salt and pepper to taste A little soya milk to glaze Method Roll pastry into a large rectangle and cut into six squares.
THE new Soya Magic soya milk producer at Grimsby has been placed into administration.
Last week, FLEXNEWS reported that Unilever was believed to be in competition with rival Nestle to acquire soya milk and yoghurt producer Alpro Soya for around GBP 200 million.
A friend of mine has been getting her baby milk from her doctor for the last six months, as her baby was diagnosed as lactose intolerant and needs soya milk.
Cows in the dairy industry are treated horrifically and soya milk is a much healthier and kinder alternative.
The researchers wrote in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture: "Milk kefir and soya milk kefir may be considered among the more promising food components in terms of preventing food allergy.