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Some of the 2017 Soya sponsors include Safaricom (title sponsors), Kenya Power, Supersport, Multichoice Kenya, Lotto Foundation, National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), Kenya Pipeline Corporation (KPC), National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) and New KCC.
And while there has been increased soya production in South Africa in recent years, land and water constraints restrict its expansion.
In its 2016 scorecard on the use of responsibly sourced soya in supply chains, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) gave Waitrose its top score, saying the retailer was well on the way to using 100% sustainable soya by 2020.
Mahakosh Hunky Chunky Soya Chunks contains 52% protein by weight.
Soya protein concentrates from ADM, on the other hand, are bland in flavour, making them ideal for a wide variety of specialty food applications like nutritional bars or porridge and even challenging formulations such as beverages.
Another stumbling block has been a lack of condence amongst farmers that lupins can match the animal performance of soya.
Although the government is laying more emphasis on the use of soya bean as an oilseed as well as edible oil it is also planning to launch an action plan for increasing production of canola oilseed.
This not only elevates the recognition of Little Soya, but also gives my entire team a pat on the back that we are truly doing a great job.
ADM showcased its line of Clarisoy[TM] isolated soya proteins at Vitafoods 2013, as it highlighted its functional ingredient portfolio and wide-ranging capabilities in the health and nutrition arena.
Recent meta-analyses support the hypocholesterolemic action indicating that soya protein directly lowers circulating LDL-cholesterol by approximately 4%.
Use soya protein powders to make drinks: fill one-third of a cup with fruit juice, add one-half cup water and 225g of soya protein powder.
CONGRATULATIONS to wannabe model/singer/ actress/whatever Soya Keaveney, pregnant at the age of 15.
Since Soya has high level of adaptation and 35-45 percent protein, 16-24 percent oil, it deserves high value in the world about oil production and plant protein so it is planted in most countries such as, USA, China, and Brazil which have the highest ranking about Soya production, respectively.
Al Rabie Saudi Foods, the largest juice manufacturer in the region, recently organized health education seminars in many Riyadh hospitals, to inform and educate healthcare professionals about soya foods.