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sprinkled with seed


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Near Limbazi, canola sown in August looks good, although a lot of crops in lower areas remain flooded, Brigita Skujina from the Rural Advisory and Training Center told LETA.
Wheat sown before November 15 ensures robust growth of shoots.
The crop was sown on 21st and 19th November 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, respectively.
The spinach sown on raised beds produced plants with maximum leaf length (25.
7%) was recorded with 15th September early sown crop at harvest which was on a par with seed vigour obtained at 15th October sowing.
67 cm) was recorded in treatment interaction of 3rd cutting (20 days after second cutting) when spinach was sown on 30th October.
The young plants get off to a flying start in spring and steal a march on those sown then, meaning they're liable to flower earlier and be chunkier.
But if you have a reasonable area free of other plants, you may prefer a method tried and tested over decades where separate areas are marked out and only one variety is sown in each piece.
In late sown crop due to increase in temperature (6-8degC) above normal from mid March to mid April crop reduced its life cycle, resulting in decreased grain yield.
The maize sown earlier has been damaged as the soil is dry," Dr Rakesh Prabhakar, project director, department of agriculture said.
Radishes should be sown in rich, well-drained soil in rows, thinning them to 2.
If seed has been sown so thickly that the developing seedlings' leaves form a closed canopy over the soil, position a fan so that its air current lightly agitates the leaves, so as to carry away excess moisture and thus control the spread of damping-off fungus.
Seed sown before that temperature is reached will germinate, but will be more susceptible to soil diseases.
The evaluation of cultivar plant height for each sowing time for the two agricultural years showed that sowing accomplished on 9/15 in 2003/2004 promoted superior plant height when compared to the CD 202 and CD 215 cultivars that were sown on 2004/2005, but there was no significant difference between crops of the CD 216 cultivar (Table 1).