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Synonyms for sow

Synonyms for sow

to put (seeds) into the ground for growth


Synonyms for sow

an adult female hog

Related Words

place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth

place seeds in or on (the ground)

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In mild areas, early sowings can be made directly into the ground now, but you need to wait a while if you live in a frost pocket.
Sowing rate and date effects on grain yield of wheat have been reported from major wheat-producing regions in the USA and Canada (Paulsen, 1987).
Although Harper continues with the biblical motif in Sowing and Reaping (1876-1877), she is more outspoken about the problem she sees as a second slavery: alcoholism.
In South Punjab, the month of January is the suitable most time for sunflower sowing and farmers should select registered hybrid varieties recommended by the agriculture department including Hi Sun-33, Akora-4, T-40318, SF-0046, NK Armoni, Senji, S-278 and Kondi.
Most of the sowing works were carried out in Khasavyurt (15.
Experts, however, advised farmers to free the field from weeds, and level it and cotton be picked from all the cotton bolls that are opened before sowing wheat, says a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department here.
Happy Seeder (HS) technology in rice-wheat cropping system, gives an advantage of direct drilling of wheat into loose as well as standing stubbles of rice in a single pass of the field, giving an additional benefit of 60% against conventional sowing (Qamar et al.
If the soil is dry, water the soil before sowing and allow the drill to drain.
A study was carried out during 2014-15 to know the effective sowing method for improving the spinach production.
Punjab achieved 100 percent wheat sowing target for the current season as the crop has been cultivated on over 6.
Sowing time of any crop usually determines the seed quality of any variety.
ABSTRACT: A field trial was conducted during 2009-10 to investigate the effect of sowing dates and frequency of cuttings on the fresh foliage production of spinach at Sindh Agriculture University, Tando Jam.
The great advantage of autumn sowing is that the soil is warm, germination is usually pretty successful and the little plants can get established before the worst of the weather sets in.
There are lots of crops we can be sowing in August.