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Synonyms for sow

Synonyms for sow

to put (seeds) into the ground for growth


Synonyms for sow

an adult female hog

Related Words

place (seeds) in or on the ground for future growth

place seeds in or on (the ground)

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3Three weeks ago I sowed the seed of my early indoor toms and now that they have grown their second pair of leaves, it is time to prick them out into peat pots, prior to finally planting in grow-bags.
Because you sowed the seeds in rows, it will be easy to spot any weeds that appear.
Staff and pupils sowed the seeds in school grounds and will be displaying their produce.
Krauze himself wrote a controversial cover story describing Chiapas' Catholic Bishop Samuel Ruiz, a leading liberation theologist, as an autocrat who sowed the seeds of the Zapatista movement.
Bullen credits Gibbon and Voltaire with having first sowed the seeds for the idea of the Renaissance; their writings represent the past as a field of development in which images of birth, efflorescence, decay, and death are the dominant metaphors, though neither man uses the term Renaissance (chapter one).