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Soviet communism

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Although the Catholic Church, because of its size and global influence, was at the forefront of mobilizing public opinion in an attempt to apply pressure on Moscow, the world-wide protests had a strong multi-denominational character, as reflected in the article heading, "Irish Catholics, Protestants, and Jews Unite in Protest Against Sovietism" (Toronto Star, 25 Feb.
Civilization (1920), The World at the Crossroads (1921), and The Balance Sheet of Sovietism (1922).
In his book The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism, Capitalism, Sovietism, and Fascism, Shaw deplored an economic system that rewarded prize-fighters so much more handsomely than others of presumed higher social value.
It is as if Cold War America required claritymoral transparency requiring transparent prosebut after the fall of Sovietism our verbiage can be just as muddled as our politics.
At seemingly every opportunity Republican congressmen charged the Administration with bungling, politics, and "legalized murder." (52) The rhetoric was tough, with one congressman declaring that "The summary, autocratic and dictatorial manner of canceling the air mail contracts without a hearing is worthy of Fascism, Hitlerism or Sovietism at their best." (53) Democratic congressmen defended the President, the Administration, and the air mail decision as best as they could.
The successes of Sail Qaddafi's outreach to the West are obscured by the low-level sovietism you encounter around every corner in Libya.
Already in 1932-33, in one of his private notes, Pessoa was beginning to worry about the 'rightist sovietism' ['sovietismo direitista'] of the Uniao Nacional and the excessive power concentrated in the hands of the head of government:
As early as 1948--that is, three decades before the "new philosophers" voiced their anger at and repugnance of Marx, Marxism, and the Soviet totalitarian system to which it was applied--Marxism and Sovietism were strongly denounced by Claude Lefort, who was directly influenced by Victor Kravchenko's book I Chose Freedom.
(This seemed like cashing in.) Above all, Jews were identified with Sovietism. (xxxvii) This was true of the country as a whole.
In Guatemala, the Central Intelligence Agency planted Soviet arms, then proclaimed their discovery as proof of creeping Sovietism. Image making, at points, eclipsed governance.
Officially a democracy, the country has nonetheless retained some of the worst remnants of Sovietism, such as a cumbersome bureaucracy which makes Kafka's The Trial seem like a fairy tale.
According to Bono, "[t]he Marshall plan that came out for Europe wasn't just from the goodness of the [U.S.] heart, but as a bulwark against Sovietism. We're saying a Marshall-type plan [for Africa] could be against the tyranny of our time, on the front line of terror.
engendered this "Sovietism," or if one prefers, this
Like so many other Soviet palaces of culture and ministries of the people, the Monster is bold, ugly, imperious, frightening--a concrete monolith meant to convey the power of Sovietism and the inevitability of worldwide communist revolution.