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Soviet communism

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As early as 1948--that is, three decades before the "new philosophers" voiced their anger at and repugnance of Marx, Marxism, and the Soviet totalitarian system to which it was applied--Marxism and Sovietism were strongly denounced by Claude Lefort, who was directly influenced by Victor Kravchenko's book I Chose Freedom.
In Guatemala, the Central Intelligence Agency planted Soviet arms, then proclaimed their discovery as proof of creeping Sovietism.
Officially a democracy, the country has nonetheless retained some of the worst remnants of Sovietism, such as a cumbersome bureaucracy which makes Kafka's The Trial seem like a fairy tale.
Like so many other Soviet palaces of culture and ministries of the people, the Monster is bold, ugly, imperious, frightening--a concrete monolith meant to convey the power of Sovietism and the inevitability of worldwide communist revolution.
86) Ceding such power to the state destroyed the natural and constitutional rights of parents to raise and educate their children" and was "[i]nseparable from the dogma of Sovietism.
Undeniably inspired for a moment by the Maoist eruption, it also initiated the critique of both Sovietism and the new globalism glimmering on the horizon.
A far different voice, yet still with its Beat affiliation, belongs to Andrei Voznesensky, harbinger of a Russia reborn from Sovietism and whose massively popular reading tour of the United States in 1966 (and friendship with Ginsberg) signaled a historic challenge to received Cold War convention.
With the familiar reasoning of a certain type of muddled liberalism Blanshard argues that this country should not ally itself with "reactionary elements" in Europe, such as the Vatican and Franco, even if they are fighting Sovietism.
As one author notes, even the fact that we refer to Nazism and not Hitlerism, and Stalinism and not Sovietism, is telling.
It is in fact complementary with, and indeed partially dependent on, two other world-historical social projects -- those which, following Amin, we might term `modernisation' in the Third World, and Sovietism or the `Soviet project of capitalism without capitalists, relatively independent of the dominant world system.
When Smithsonian magazine (Watson 1994) sent a reporter to our town as part of its coverage of the new Peace Corps program, the writer toured my school and was struck by the Sovietism.
Grossman's article, full of the peculiar distortions of high Sovietism, is ugly with age: on Gaskell's Mary Barton: 'the objective meaning of the conflicts depicted is that of the inevitability of workers' revolution' (p.
From its unorthodox title to the bold conceptual innovations, Fish's book rejects many established views concerning the end of Sovietism and the rise of the new Russian state.
The Fort William Ukrainians in 1923 caught the public eye when the Brylinski group in the Prosvita Society of East End Fort William sued the local members of the Ukrainian Labor Temple Association (ULTA), "who now seek to wrest its purpose from that of culture into the promulgation of the doctrines of Sovietism and Communism and to make it a branch of the International Organization.
French anarchists emphasised the similarities between sovietism,