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an elected governmental council in a communist country (especially one that is a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)

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Soviet involvement in Afghanistan was a part of the larger geo-political context called The Cold War.
The height of Canadian and Soviet friendship was undoubtedly in the latter half of World War II, when the National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship (NCCSF) could fill Maple Leaf Gardens for rallies and included among its patrons many prominent Canadians from business, politics, science, and the arts.
Asked to justify the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Reed happily obliged, arguing that it was merely a defensive action against American imperialism.
For nearly a decade, even before he became Russia's "president," THE NEW AMERICAN has been reporting on Putin's KGB pedigree and his steady implementation of a long-range Soviet deception strategy, including the public rehabilitation and refortifying of the KGB-FSB.
Individual Soviet dancers had been seen in Paris and New York even before World War II.
Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev launches a program of economic and political reforms called perestroika (or "restructuring").
There were, however, other important Soviet agents who were still on the loose.
As have so many others, he complains about the IMF refusing to help his country to introduce its independent national currency after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which greatly contributed to the pervasive hyperinflation in the ruble zone.
Not only is this a rare example of one of the projects Kabakov actually installed in his studio in Moscow before perestroika, but, juxtaposed with the Guggenheim's "masterpieces" of Soviet kitsch, the piece makes it much clearer why a Russian alive in the early '80s would want to catapult himself through the ceiling.
In focusing on the policies of the Soviet government toward private traders and consumers, Hessler challenges this view of the era, replacing it with a "darker" interpretation.
These two days and the week after mark the first official Soviet Mass Deportation of Latvian from their homeland, taking them to either their execution or the Siberian hard labor camps ...
To students of the Cold War, and especially to the US sailors who confronted them, the Soviet Union's huge submarine force was always a specter in the night.
As we debate anew the issue of sending people into space, this book weighs in with harrowing, yet inspiring stories from the Soviet and Russian space station program.
As I took up my desk in OSD, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) had just requested to use all available foreign military financing (FMF) for construction of a military base, something unprecedented in the former Soviet Union.