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Synonyms for sovereignty

Synonyms for sovereignty

the right and power to command, decide, rule, or judge

the condition of being politically free

Synonyms for sovereignty

government free from external control

royal authority


the authority of a state to govern another state

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Eight chapters cover sovereignty and China; the effects of human rights law on international law; sovereignty and transnational investments; sovereignty and regional integration; Hong-Kong's sub-sovereign status; intertwined sovereignties and the EU; and states and agencies in a borderless world.
Felix Hoehn's Reconciling Sovereignties explores an idea that was once too radical to be taken seriously by the legal profession: settling Aboriginal rights claims requires an inquiry into how the Crown acquired sovereignty in what is now Canada and the consequent nature of that sovereignty.
And imagining the world as a patchwork of sovereignties and inviolable states tied together by treaties and custom through which we can navigate with passports and visas lends stability to what might otherwise be (or is) a rather unnerving world of uneven and sometimes uncertain governance.
In their discussion, they modify the traditional definition of sovereignty, "supreme authority within a territory," to highlight the presence of "nested" sovereignties present within a given area.
I discuss the forum on this event a few years later in order to think through the notion of non-hegemonic borders and sovereignties precisely because this issue, to my knowledge, has not been adequately theorised.
From the perspective of Empire, the '80s represent a moment of transition, an opening up of quests, and questions, beyond the static sovereignties of the "essentialist" modern "subject" and the "foundationalist" nation-state.