sovereign immunity

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an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent

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'Waiver of sovereign immunity' is NOT a fairly standard provision between foreign lenders and a sovereign state or its agencies.
Lawson filed a plea in bar to Groff's negligence count on the basis of sovereign immunity. After briefing and arguments, the court determines that sovereign immunity applies to Groff's negligence claim and will dismiss the claim with prejudice.
Katz said the legislature must expressly waive sovereign immunity when it writes a law, and its waivers must be narrowly interpreted.
Part III provides a short summary of inter partes reviews and sovereign immunity and examines the interplay between sovereign immunity and administrative proceedings.
'In fact, it has intensified its efforts in recovering ill-gotten wealth by asserting sovereign immunity and by consistently coordinating with government officials both from the Philippines and the USA,' he added.
Our proposal would not affect the terrorism exception's general waiver of sovereign immunity for state sponsors of terrorism, nor would it preclude punitive damages.
While this holding might ostensibly follow common sense, this Note demonstrates that the Court's much-overlooked holding undermines the very purpose of derivative sovereign immunity, and thus should be overturned in an appropriate subsequent case.
A Virginia attorney suing the Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission for defamation says her lawsuit should not be dismissed under sovereign immunity because the commission acted with "malice." "With the facts before us, the Defendants continually exhibited malice and ill will toward plaintiff as shown in their false filings and refilings," Melinda Maldonado argued in papers filed in federal court last week.
He tried to take the school to court, but his lawsuit was tossed out due to "sovereign immunity," the legal concept that protects the state from lawsuits.
The New York Times notes, "In exchange, the tribe will claim sovereign immunity as grounds to dismiss a patent challenge...."
DIFC Courts Consider First Case on Sovereign Immunity and Service under the Riyadh Convention
(353) Nevada motioned to have the case dismissed under its sovereign immunity, but California rejected the immunity and allowed the suit to continue.
The professional legal guide explains the role of the Federal Government as a party in civil cases, and examines the statutory waivers of sovereign immunity that set the boundaries on the governmentAEs amenability to suit.
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