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Baskets of hot pitta bread and toast sit beside the enormous servings of souvlaki and ribs.
As good as take-out souvlaki can be--and at Souvla, it's excellent--the wrap is well worth making at home, especially for a party.
Disappointingly there were none of the pork and beef Greek burgers, which I was looking forward to trying, but I was promised extra souvlaki and gyros to make up for it.
The food line was long, as were the menu choices -- three kinds of souvlaki (kebabs, souvlaki means "on a stick''), pastitsio (a Greek lasagna), moussaka (a layered casserole of eggplant, potatoes, ground beef and bechamel sauce), Greek-style rice pilaf, green beans in a special sauce, loukuniso (a Greek sausage, citrus flavored), and Alethia's favorite, spanakopita.
To T serve, top each flatbread with generous spoonfuls of the souvlaki, yogurt and a drizzle of oil.
According to new cooking experiments, the Mycenaean civilization, which thrived more than 3,000 years ago during the late Bronze Age, may have been quite sophisticated cooks as archaeologists have found less glamorous artifacts, such as souvlaki trays and griddles made from gritty clays, Discovery News reported.
The souvlaki can be served with chicken or beef and we had already decided on firecracker chicken, so we opted for the beef.
Athens (C4, 9pm) Jamie is searching for the real taste of Greece tonight, and is visiting the capital Athens to have a go at making Greekstyle fast food, souvlaki, before cooking his own kebabs beneath the Acropolis.
You can easily find a souvlaki place on every other corner in Greece.
40, Crosthwaite came up with a menu that starts with a salad of mixed greens dressed with lemon vinaigrette, a main course of souvlaki (marinated strips of pork skewered on rosemary twigs from his garden) and a dessert of orange segments in syrup with yogurt.
Heat a generous amount (according to taste) of Metaxa,light and pour flaming liquid over souvlaki.
The image of the Lamb of God broiled on a spit, as for souvlaki, is outrageous for any age; in our own age it is unimaginable coming from anyone but a mocker.
whoever woulda thought a pizza/ hotdog/ souvlaki place would usurp our house of dreams & visions on the comer of 3rd avenue & 8th street major threshold to an exalted state of mind known as the lower east side a grand cooker of a scene which during those early coldwar days shot out strong steady surges of music writing civil disobedience painting anarchy dance free sex political organizing that changed the world?
For New Year we will hand out pork souvlaki and ravioli," the municipality said in a statement.