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Synonyms for southwestward

the compass point midway between south and west

toward the southwest

Related Words

in a southwestward direction

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southwestwards in the border Kuwaiti-Saudi-Iraqi triangle, with a length of
On a high-inclination orbit relative to our Galaxy's spiral arms, it is just passing through our neighbourhood, heading southwestwards by an apparent 2.
Determined by the basin development, the limits of the main facies belts gradually shifted southwestwards up to pinching out in the southeasternmost sections (Fig.
The relatively rapid advance both northwards up the Rhone valley to Lyons and southwestwards along the coasts towards Spain--in chilly months with relatively little shipping activity--is striking.
There might well be a situation where the Northern Alliance seek to push westwards or southwestwards.
From the square at Alvechurch (Map 139/028726) walk a short distance southwestwards up Bear Hill.
Instead of sailing down the African coast as Dias had done, he steered southwestwards in a wide circular sweep through the Atlantic.
30pm all days, and the maximum length of stay will be 2 hours - (i) from 55 metres south west of St Andrews Street southwestwards for 12.
It is likely that during Raikkula time the zone of dolomitization gradually migrated southwestwards in accordance with progressive shallowing and progradation of the carbonate shelf, especially in the second half of the time.