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Synonyms for southwestward

the compass point midway between south and west

toward the southwest

Related Words

in a southwestward direction

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The maximum velocities of the tidal currents were 0.5-1.0 m [s.sup.-1]during the northeastward flow and 0.6-1.3 m [s.sup.-1] during the southwestward flow.
Uncertainty about the southwestward extent of the Miramichi highland makes it possible that the two major depocenters merged in what is now southern Maine.
The sand deposition zone, on the other hand, experienced southwestward expansion from 2002 to 2004 and then decreased in area from 2004 to 2009, showing contraction towards the erosion depression zone; again in 2012, the zone expanded northwestward.
A prominent topography characteristic within the Dabashan area is a southwestward extrusive arc (Bashan Arc fault) that is one of key factors to understand the geodynamic condition of the Dabashan thrust nappe structure.
An estimated 11 million gallons (42 million litres) of Arctic crude oil escaped through the gash in the tanker's hull, then spread southwestward through Prince William Sound (PWS), and on past the Kenai Peninsula toward Kodiak Island.
This discrepancy suggests a southwestward spatial expansion of northern tick populations into the upper Piedmont and mountain regions of Virginia or demographic expansion of persons into areas of previously low tick density in western localities.
Scientists with the US Geological Survey present two reports on structural attributes of Neogene strike-slip faulting and non-uniform strain distribution in the eastern Basin and Range from central Utah southwestward through the Lake Mead area.
By the time KAL 007 reached the Siberian coast, it was 160 nautical miles off course and, instead of heading southward toward Japan, was veering southwestward across the Kamchatka Peninsula.
Further to the west, a broad zone of compressive deformation trends southwestward across western Venezuela and central Columbia.
The planes of subordinated fault systems with fault kinematics fall steep to medium steep westward, and almost southwestward. In general, the anisotropy of the area of concern is very fragile.
The foredeep depression started to develop in the inner Zagros after deposition of the widespread Upper Oligocene platform carbonate (Lower Asmari Formation) [23] and migrated southwestward down to its present position in the Persian Gulf [1].
Dreimanis and Terasmae (1958) show that the first motion at Toronto (their "middle till") was westward along the axis of Lake Ontario; so, the ice to the north of Lake Erie shunted southwestward into western Ohio.
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