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Synonyms for southwest

the compass point midway between south and west

the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado

the direction corresponding to the southwestward compass point

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a location in the southwestern part of a country, region, or city

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coming from the southwest

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situated in or oriented toward the southwest

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to, toward, or in the southwest

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In southwesternmost Indiana (Posey County), the New Harmony is probably conformable with Silurian rocks below and Middle Devonian (Jeffersonville Limestone) rocks above.
The southwesternmost, Illinois Valley, near Cave Junction, is cooled by the Pacific Ocean.
The port on Japan's main southwesternmost island of Kyushu is a key center for trade with North Korea.
Also, our two transects may record somewhat different histories and durations of interactions between the two species (because of their different locations and orientations), with the southwesternmost part of transect T2 probably lying in the area of most recent contact.
Despite Canada's southwesternmost province having paid clearly as a result of repeated economic downturns, the British Columbia Risk and insurance Management Association, also known as the B.C.
Waterfront estates overlooking the sparkling Intracoastal and bay waters and eagle preserves typify the residences found in Oaks I, located on the southwesternmost boundary of this unmatched development.
If leaders and a people are so thoroughly unable to distinguish between the morally defensible use of armed force and its reckless, uncaring deployment, they ought not even to be policing a beat at the southwesternmost corner of Staten Island, let alone the so-called free world.
Nakaima expressed his ''extreme regret'' over the government's decision and said he considers it ''extremely difficult'' to go ahead with the plan, because expectations had mounted among local residents that Hatoyama would try to transfer functions of Futemma out of the southwesternmost prefecture.
Specimens from Lafayette County document a new county record and represent the southwesternmost locality of N.
drawing her own internal map of return and going home to Palestine, but' this time in Michigan, the Palestine that is on 45 degrees latitude by 87 degrees longitude, in the southwesternmost tip of the Upper Peninsula, in a count; called Menominee.
symmetricus, including the northeasternmost, southeasternmost, and southwesternmost range extensions in the state for Mississippi, Chicot, and Little River counties, respectively.
The new subspecies, confined to Mexico, occupies the southwesternmost part of the range of the species in the state of Durango.
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