southwestern white pine

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medium-size pine of northwestern Mexico

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Mixedspecies forests of Douglas-fir (Psuedotsuga menziesii), aspen (Populus tremuloides), southwestern white pine, corkbark fir (Abies lasiocarpa var.
We discovered evidence of black bears consuming seeds of southwestern white pine on three occasions, during mid-September 2005 and during mid-May and mid-July 2011.
Newly identified foods, such as southwestern white pine seeds, could lead to revision of how we currently assess habitat of black bears and its productivity in this region.
Southwestern white pine seeds are comparable in size to other pine seeds eaten by bears (average 6.
We only observed evidence of feeding by gray-footed chipmunks (Tamias canipes) on cones of Douglas-firs and seeds of southwestern white pines, as determined by pattern of feeding on cobs of cones and hulls of seeds (Rassmussen et al.
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