southwestern United States

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the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado

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This agreement provides the company with 1796 acres of patented and BLM claims in the Southwestern United States.
Although individual triatomine insects occasionally invade domestic dwellings throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico (4,5,14), this species has not been reported to colonize these habitats.
Cooling in Siberia led to a shorter growing season there, and a drop in precipitation in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States stunted growth of vegetation.
Since the 1960s, radical Chicano activists (with financial and moral support from major tax-exempt foundations) have championed the notion that the southwestern United States is actually "Aztlan," the mythical homeland of the Aztec Indians.
Serologic and genetic identification of Peromyscus maniculatus as the primary rodent reservoir for a new hantavirus in the southwestern United States.
This is significant because Ramos, the Mexican "Walter Cronkite," champions La Reconquista -- Mexico's reconquest of the southwestern United States.
La Nina events typically bring drier-than-normal conditions to the southwestern United States, says Edward R.
The Mexican government and radical "Chicano" groups in this country are pursuing the dream of La Reconquista -- the "re-conquest" of the southwestern United States.
After the 1993 HPS outbreak in the southwestern United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention initiated long-term studies of the temporal dynamics of hantavirus infection in host populations.
Historical records cite widespread use of Datura by shamans in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico as early as 500 years ago.
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