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Synonyms for southwest

the compass point midway between south and west

the southwestern region of the United States generally including New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, California, and sometimes Utah and Colorado

the direction corresponding to the southwestward compass point

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a location in the southwestern part of a country, region, or city

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coming from the southwest

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situated in or oriented toward the southwest

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to, toward, or in the southwest

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'Over the past five years, Amadeus and Southwest together have implemented a technology system designed to provide not only stellar customer service, but also a long runway for Southwest to grow,' said Julia Sattel, President, Airlines, Amadeus.
Despite the union's willingness to provide overtime labor, with 148 mechanics volunteering, Southwest has reportedly not called any of them in, which ( union representatives said was due to an issue with the timecard system.
Leading the award-winning Rapid Rewards program and its popular Chase Visa card, Southwest's Senior Director Loyalty, Partnerships, and Products Jonathan Clarkson has been promoted to Managing Director Marketing.
More information on Southwest Georgia Financial Corp.
In her new role, Barry will serve as chief of staff to Gary Kelly, Southwest's chairman of the board, president and CEO.
Southwest also expects to see a "healthy mix" of commodities on flights, Devereaux revealed.
Joseph Kortum, Southwest's president and CEO, said a merger would improve the quality and scope of medical services provided to the community.
The deal will give SouthWest Water access to long-term capital for investment in new systems to benefit customers and the communities, president and chief executive Mark Swatek said.
Southwest Airlines has long been cited in Business Strategy classes as an exemplar of Porter's Low Cost Leadership strategy.
I remember boarding a Southwest Airlines flight with a huge crowd attending a wedding in Dallas.
"Interestingly," Adams said, "my granddaughter is flying in from Seattle tomorrow to go to Russia, so I went to Southwest to look about getting a ticket because we are flying on (frequent-flyer) miles from Denver (to Russia), but I had to buy her ticket to Denver.
Tisdale, Fine Indian Jewelry Of The Southwest: The Millicent Rogers Museum Collection offers an impressively informative history and survey of the southwestern Native American jewelry that is represented in the collection of the Millicent Rogers Museum as the result of art patron and passionate collector Millicent Rogers who assembled a spectacular collection of Navajo and Zuni silver and turquoise, Hopi silverwork, and Pueblo stone and shell jewelry during the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Both artists and gallery owners agree that the concept of "Southwest art" is hardly a purist notion.
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