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any region lying in or toward the south

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A call by Southlanders for Life to "name and shame" the staff who work at the clinic led to a television debate on October 16 between Dr.
Later, Alan inspired musical migrants as his slick singing quartet The Southlanders hit the charts and Britainwent Calypso crazy.
The son of 50s singer Harold Wilmot, who was a member of The Southlanders, has tackled most things in his career, from running the London Marathon to climbing Nelson's Column and having a cup of tea at the top.
Wilmot was a founding member of the successful Southlanders vocal group, the first black group to achieve popular success in the UK.
Gary's father Harold Wilmot was lead singer of The Southlanders, who had the novelty song I Am A Mole and I Live in a Hole.
In the 1950s, the entertainer's father Harold Wilmot was lead singer of The Southlanders, whose hit single Alone sold more than a million copies, and who were known for novelty song I Am A Mole And I Live In A Hole.