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the property of being to the south

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In it, the putatively white speaker, who otherwise exalts Southernness in the poem, uses the term "freebooter," a term connoting rapaciousness and illicitness, to describe the only other presumably white figure in the poem.
Johnson's introduction begins by underscoring the impact of Southernness on figures such as Anna Julia Cooper.
On the few occasions when critics have considered Barth's possible southernness, they have done so under the rubric of "place," for as Martyn Bone observes, "It is a truth universally acknowledged among Southern literary scholars that 'the South' and 'southern literature' have been characterized by a 'sense of place.
What gives Clinton the appearance of Southernness is the softness of his vocalization, and the tilting of the head, which seems flirtatious.
Wal-Mart's southernness, however, is precisely what sets the chain apart from the handful of other companies that once dominated the American economy: Standard Oil, U.
While the octogenarian chairman of the Memphis Board of Censors clearly reflected his proudly unreconstructed southernness in his word choices, more pertinent to his duties were those two rows of seats.
Not to mention a center of history, literature, and a distinctively Arkinsawan strain of Southernness.
While embracing nostalgia solidifies identity and place norms, disrupting nostalgia allows anomalous, fluid forms of Southernness to surface that might corrode hardened, intransigent Southernness.
Sandy Twynholm kept the North East flag flying when he fought his way through to the fourth round of the Scottish Amateur Championship at Southernness, Galloway, yesterday, (writes Duncan Madsen).
Not only, as we have seen, is Simms a conceptual architect of the very positionality Alcoff endorses, but his voluminous works also provide an opportunity to position him as a central cultural figure--someone whose "pivotal role as a kind ancestral father to modern literature of the South is beginning to be acknowledged" (40)--within a revitalized account of southernness.
Bonner's purpose, in fact, is to reorient the national understanding of metropole and periphery, removing Emerson and the New England he represents from the center to the margins, relocating her own Southernness at the center of the nation she reconfigures.
Like other contributors to the volume, Johnstone also speculates whether some features of Southernness may be retreating in the face of pressure from globalization and in-migration of outsiders, or whether they will be exploited to index local identity.
But there is no doubt that she captured the Southernness of her region.
Some critics have quite reasonably labeled Carter "Southern" when tallying up De Forest's almost allegorical character sympathies, but Carter's Southernness is remarkable only because it contrasts with his clear heroic loyalty to the Union cause.
O'Connor's southernness was as thoughtful as her faith.