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situated farthest south


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The latest bid to reach their goal of connecting 95 per cent of Cornish premises saw a disused international comms cable resurrected from the sea floor, rerouted and pulled ashore on the Isles of Scilly, home of the southernmost settlement in the UK, meaning 2,200 islanders will be able to access superfast fibre broadband by the end of the year.
According to LaSalle, the Southernmost Hotel Collection consists of the Southernmost on the Beach, Southernmost Hotel in the USA and La Mer Hotel & Dewey House.
Tokyo: A US F-15 fighter crashed in waters off Japan's southernmost Okinawa prefecture but the pilot was understood to have ejected safely, Japan's coast guard said today.
VISIT Legend says that Paxos was created when Poseidon struck Corfu with his trident, causing the southernmost tip to break off and float away to become the separate island of Paxos.
Already a number of Hobart yacht owners, along with yachtsmen from Sydney, Perth and Brisbane have indicated their enthusiasm to take up the challenge of racing to the very southernmost tip of Tasmania early in 2011.
What is the world's southernmost national capital city?
Toyo Bio-Pharma has debuted Toyo-Kan-Sho, which is made from sweet potato plants (stems and leaves) grown in Kyushu, the southernmost island of Japan.
hop on the country's only gay and lesbian trolley tour for a vibrant history of the mainland's southernmost city.
JP Morgan Chase is unlikely to build a headquarters tower on the southernmost development parcel at the World Trade Center site, as published reports indicated earlier in the week.
This map shows how the southernmost edge of that ice has changed in the recent past.
Therefore, geologists haven't been able to determine when the southernmost portions of South America's Andes, as a whole, rose to their current heights, says Jill Wertheim, a paleontologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
The nation's southernmost growers will tell you, though, that syrup season is skipping beats at both ends.
Fluent in German and familiar with the social and cultural intricacies of Bavaria (the southernmost state of Germany, of which Munich is the capital), Jefferson is focused on his international assignment in this city of 1.
This is the first time that a finger vein authentication system has been deployed by a regional bank in Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's four major islands.
Hilton's managers for the region recognize that the "world's southernmost city" is a great growth market since none of its international competitors are there.