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a locution or pronunciation peculiar to the southern United States

an attitude characteristic of Southerners (especially in the US)

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Plumbing Pandora's Socialist Box: "Southernism or Socialism--Which?"Nationalism, Marxism and African American Literature Between the Wars: A New Pandora's Box by Anthony Dawahare (University Press of Mississippi, 2003; 161 pages; $37.00 hardcover)
Although the Vanderbilt Fugitives were writing against the melodramatic impulses of a trite and dated Southernism left over from the nineteenth century, they often replaced the excesses of a dying Romanticism with those of a burgeoning modernism.
Another critic might see Jarrell's fascination with popular culture, and California as its key locus, as a catalyst for the decisive break with the Fugitives and their Southernism that enabled him to produce his most engaging, important and, yes, postmodern poetry.
When the black elite had an occasion to rejoice over a victory against Southernism, it hid its jubilance with a long [false] face.
The conflict within Faulkner's work between art and southernism, aesthetics and representation, theory and practice was ignored.(1)
I am convinced, however, that it had little to do with the kind of affectional Southernism that Stark Young plied in New York City or with the ideological Southernism that Warren's friend Donald Davidson promoted in his last years in Nashville.
to planting a symbol of southernisms and Old South values in a new home
As a distinctly urban southernist, I find the region to be an exquisite repository of cities, places where we other Southrons learned to be Jewish, women, feminists, black, immigrants, queers, punks, radicals, flaneurs, flaneuses: all the identity categories that traditional southernisms elide.
"These must have been southernisms," Mynie explained to me.
Mainstream success was his goal, and the friendship with Williams, the maverick publisher, would be mostly backchannel, where the two traded news, poetry, and self-conscious Southernisms.
In "Thief of Tongues," Smith sifts through her mother's Southernisms to look for her heritage.
"Filled with fluid dialogue through which you can hear the characters' origins (everyone in Dodge City came from someplace else--the broken English of Chinese laundryman Jau Dong-Sing, the lilt of Irish vaudeville entertainer Eddie Foy, the delicate Southernisms of Holliday), Doc reads like a movie you can't wait to watch.
To fit with Winslet, who plays his sister, Mark Ruffalo goes easy on the Southernisms as well.
"I had to figure out where it was going" on first reading it, Scott acknowledges, "because Sherry's language is so dense--very beautiful, but dense with its Southernisms. However, there was a fullness to the characters that excited me.
(22) While the book was in its final stages of production, one of Eerdmans' anonymous reviewers accused Kelley of using too many "southernisms" in the book, a criticism that amused Page immensely.