southern magnolia

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evergreen tree of southern United States having large stiff glossy leaves and huge white sweet-smelling flowers

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Gardeners, by the way, tend to be highly ambivalent about Southern magnolias.
LEFT: In the foyer of the home, a traditional Christmas arrangement of decadent fruit, bright red blooms, Southern magnolia foliage, and cedar is displayed atop layers of red and gold velvet cloths.
In greeting visitors to the spring 2010 tour of the White House gardens and grounds, Michelle Obama invited the public to "wander past red, white, and pink azaleas, more than 8,000 tulips, ornamental cherry trees, dogwoods, and the Southern magnolia trees planted by President Andrew Jackson in honor of his beloved wife, Rachel.
Family and friends are invited to gather and celebrate a living and loving reminder of the importance of cultivating safe neighborhoods, and of a young boy whose memory will forever bloom in the white flowers of a Southern magnolia.
The six species are: red maple, sweetgum, loblolly pine, post oak, Southern magnolia and American holly.
natives like fringe tree, Virginia creeper, flowering dogwood, and sweet shrub still grew in their natural environments, but gardeners had discovered and begun to cultivate a few of them, like the Southern magnolia.
Our float tray has Southern Magnolia cuttings we are propagating to sell to an area landscaper.
Mark the Southern Magnolia that Franklin Roosevelt planted in 1942 in square 5J, east of the White House.
M grandiflora, the bull bay or southern magnolia, is one of the few evergreens and this is, as the name suggests, a common tree in the southern USA.
Of these, three are considered the prime commercial magnolias: southern magnolia or Magnolia grandiflora; sweetbay or Magnolia virginiana; and cucumber tree, Magnolia acuminata.
This is one reason the deep evergreen leaves of the southern magnolia are so well-complemented by its own white blooms.
Kerry is the epitome of a Southern magnolia, working as a veterinarian in her father's clinic and developing a lasting relationship with her fiance, Frank Borth, Sheriff of Harrison County and ex-Vietnam vet.
Grandiflora, the southern magnolia, is an evergreen which flowers from mid-summer onwards with heavily fragrant, huge white or cream cup-shaped blooms.
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