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the aurora of the southern hemisphere

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Deemed as one of the most picturesque events, tourists flock every year to gawk at the Northern Lights and Southern Lights.
Juno also sent back unique views of Jupiter's bright southern lights considered the most powerful in the solar system.
US-based medical grade collagen maker Collagen Solutions plc (AIM: COS) has completed the acquisition of Southern Light Biomaterials, the company said on Wednesday.
Struck by the fiery breath of Sagittarius 'A-star', the Stream is emitting light, much as particles from the Sun hit our atmosphere and trigger the colored glows of the aurorae-the Northern and Southern Lights.
Enterprise TE plans to construct a 16-inch lateral pipeline from a point in Illinois on its existing Seymour Lateral to a location in Manhattan, IL that is adjacent to tankage of the Enbridge Pipelines' Southern Lights Pipeline.
He said: "In the modern world we live in, our communications revolve largely around satellites and a small part of Halley's science helps predict cosmic weather, like the Southern Lights, which can knock satellites out.
It is when such a mass crashes into the Earth's magnetic field that the Northern and Southern Lights occur.
We love, love, love Northern Lights and Southern Lights from Models Own, PS5 each: these super-pretty polishes can be applied slapdash and wobbly-handed in 60 secs yet still leave nails shimmering with a sugar-spun iridescence.
When aimed at us, solar flares can supercharge the planet's auroras - also known as the northern and southern lights - leading to spectacular night skies.
However in the summer, daylight lasts between 18 and 20 hours and the aurora can be seen in Antarctica as the Southern Lights, so we can always head there next time.
Astronauts on the International Space Station snapped this picture of the aurora australis, or southern lights, as they flew over New Zealand.
One of the most spectacular sights shown during the museum presentation was film footage taken by the crew of the Northern and Southern lights dancing in a green aurora across the skies below Atlantis.
Summary: Nasa astronauts have captured amazing images of the Southern Lights over Australia.
James Katz, who co-founded Chile's first private equity film fund, Southern Lights Entertainment, is in pre-production on chiller "La Vina" (The Vineyard).
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