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the aurora of the southern hemisphere

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When aimed at us, solar flares can supercharge the planet's auroras - also known as the northern and southern lights - leading to spectacular night skies.
However in the summer, daylight lasts between 18 and 20 hours and the aurora can be seen in Antarctica as the Southern Lights, so we can always head there next time.
Astronauts on the International Space Station snapped this picture of the aurora australis, or southern lights, as they flew over New Zealand.
One of the most spectacular sights shown during the museum presentation was film footage taken by the crew of the Northern and Southern lights dancing in a green aurora across the skies below Atlantis.
Summary: Nasa astronauts have captured amazing images of the Southern Lights over Australia.
Earth's Southern Lights are photographed from outer space.
Sena jettisons that hopelessness, casting Antarctica (Manitoba fills in for the film) as a winter wonderland, though the CG-created southern lights look as awe-inspiring as a tub of Rite Aid rainbow sherbet.
At the South Pole, Osbert meets a beautiful female penguin and falls in love, while the boy gets to view spectacular southern lights.
The project consisted of 321 miles of 42-inch diameter pipe comprising the bulk of the Wisconsin segment of Enbridge's Southern Access Program and 321 miles of 20-inch pipe for Enbridge's Southern Lights Project.
ANSWERS: 1) A dead heat, 2) Cheese, 3) None, 4) The Ten Commandments, 5) Charlton Heston, 6) Reasons to be Cheerful, 7) De Havilland Comet, 8) 1890's (1892), 9) Southern Lights, 10) Drink, it is a drinking cup.
Eventually, the five will study the mysterious eruptions in Earth's Northern and Southern Lights known as "substorms," but first they must achieve widely separated orbits, a process that will take several months.
As the charged particles collide with atmospheric gases, they in turn create brilliant and colorful emissions, which on Earth are known as the northern and southern lights.
Those backgrounds include the upper atmosphere, the stars and the celestial phenomena known as auroras, or Northern and Southern lights.
HOUSTON -- AMEC, the international project management and services company, has been awarded a contract for program and project management, engineering, and procurement services for the Enbridge Southern Access and Southern Lights Pipeline projects, signifying a continued partnership between AMEC and Enbridge.
When the sun goes down, the Kentucky Horse Park will light up as the park shows its holiday spirit with the Southern Lights Holiday Festival.
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