southern hemisphere

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the hemisphere to the south of the equator

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The oceans in the Southern Hemisphere play a crucial role in the climate system, absorbing more heat and carbon dioxide than any other region in the world," Dr Marshall said.
lt;BThe All Blacks celebrate southern hemisphere dominance at the World Cup back in the autumn
There's no doubt if you look at the results over the years the strength has been in the southern hemisphere, but you have to look at the preparation the southern hemisphere teams have," he said.
She was also Holy Roman Emperor's first southern hemisphere winner last season.
That's one difference, we often say, between the Northern and Southern hemispheres.
The number eight said: "This time the northern hemisphere teams might have a little bit of an advantage over the southern hemisphere teams in terms of the scheduling because we've had a break.
The fact they don't - with only England beating Australia and Scotland beating South Africa - two wins out of 10 games proves that the southern hemisphere still has the strength in depth.
Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited (TSX V:SH), a Canada-based exploration company, has announced results from a reverse circulation drilling programme and metallurgical testing of samples conducted at the Los Pumas Manganese project in northern Chile.
The influenza season in temperate climates extends from October through March in the northern hemisphere and from April through September in the southern hemisphere (1-3).
The closing of the ozone hole, which is projected to occur sometime in the second half of the 21st century, significantly may affect climate change in the Southern Hemisphere and, there fore, the global climate, according to a study by researchers at Columbia University, New York.
The paper's authors, CSIRO's Dr Wenju Cai and Tim Cowan, explain that airborne pollution particles, known as aerosols, cool the Northern Hemisphere's ocean surface, which causes an increase in the transport of heat from the Southern Hemisphere oceans to the Northern Hemisphere oceans via the south Atlantic.
IRELAND coach Eddie O'Sullivan believes the timing of the World Cup gives the southern hemisphere nations an advantage.
In the Red Planet's southern hemisphere, orbital images show an average of about 0.
They leave the Southern Hemisphere in the fall, stay in our hemisphere in the spring, and leave in the fall.
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