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a wind from the south

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Security forces have reinforced their presence in the souther province of Basra since the commencement of Operation Knights' Assault in late March, which aimed at tracking down outlaws in the province.
Merrill (Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Souther Baptist Theological Seminary) presents Everlasting Dominion: Theology of the Old Testament, an exhaustively researched theology of the Old Testament grounded in his decades of study and teaching.
Mark Souther perceptively understands that the centralization of tourism within the New Orleans economy represented a fierce struggle between a traditional, mainly local elite that abhorred change and a modern, more inclusive group with new ideas that welcomed outsiders and their money.
A special recommendation, THE ALL-NEW ULTIMATE SOUTHER LIVING COOKBOOK may just be the only basic you'll need, if you're a novice and seek easy, clear dishes.
During his career, he held positions with Cooper Industries, BP Exploration, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Souther Union Company, Prime Medical Services, and most recently at HealthTronics in Austin, Texas.
acquisition, CDP will own a 40% equity interest in Souther Star with GE
2005 98m prod Amaze Film & Television, Alliance Atlantis Productions, exp Peter Sussman, Marguerite Pigott, p Seaton McLean, Andrea Mann, Michael Souther, Teza Lawrence, d/sc Michael McGown, ph Rene Ohashi, ed Susan Maggi, pd Matthew Davies, s Valentin Pricop, mus Andrew Lockington; with Adam Butcher, Campbell Scott, Gordon Pinsent, Shauna MacDonald, Jennifer Tilly.
The stubborn resistance shown by Street, who had already knocked out Merthyr's Souther League colleagues Gloucester City and Cinderford Town, was eventually broken some 20 minutes into the second half when Garry Shephard headed home a Paul Keddle cross.
If you weren't fortunate enough to learn the secrets of Southern cuisine in your grandmother's kitchen, The Gift of Souther Cooking could make the difference between serving up an imitation dish or an authentic recipe full of real, traditional flavor.
LOUISIANA Albert turner, SPR Souther Lab HS Baton Rouge
Both freshwater and estuarine exotic (non-native) fish species impact small souther California coastal lagoons.
Jack Tempchin, who wrote Already Gone and Peaceful, Easy Feeling; Jackson Browne, who co-wrote Take It Easy with Eagle Glenn Frey; and JD Souther, who co-wrote Best of My Love with band members Frey and Don Henley, have launched the case in Los Angeles.
But his network of supporters in Souther California didn't give up or go away after that crushing defeat.
Results from the New Hampshire assessment include detailed mapping of thousands of data element combinations and codes sets and millions of lines of code, said Geoff Souther, director of the New Hampshire Medicaid program.
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