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Synonyms for southeastward

the compass point midway between south and east

toward the southeast

Related Words

in a southeastward direction

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Along this basal detachment surface the Khewra Sandstone is exposed at surface and juxtapose to the sediments southeastward on top of the northwestern frontier of the Punjab Foreland Basin.
The adjacent east-end appendages diverged from the core, the inner arm heading southward, the outer arm curving past a 14th-magnitude star, then extending tenuously southeastward to a fuzzy knot.
Acording to met office seasonal low lies over North Baluchistan and its trough extending southeastward. Weak moist currents are penetrating north eastern parts of Punjab and Kashmir.
Marked Seasonal Low lies over Northwestern Balochistan with its trough extending Southeastward.
The transport pathways for dust include eastward routes to Korea, Japan, and the North Pacific, as well as southeastward routes to Southeast China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and even the South China Sea [3].
The rainy pattern departed as both its core pressure circulation pushed southeastward with some assistance from the anticyclonic thrust both feeding and pushing from the west.
After terrorists hijacked their jet over Ohio, they turned it southeastward, probably intending to crash it into the U.S.
Lastly, a middle route from Conawapa to the northwest corner of Ontario, and then southeastward to Thunder Bay, is also being considered.
ewingii, agents of human monocytic ehrlichiosis and ehrlichiosis ewingii, respectively, are transmitted by the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum, which is found from west-central Texas northward to Iowa, and southeastward to the Atlantic Coast (1).
Before the collapse, the lake drained southeastward through an outlet that led to the St.
The western limits of its range in the state are from Fannin County in the north to Falls County in central Texas and southeastward along the Brazos River to Brazoria County (Schmidly 1983; Davis & Schmidly 1994).
They create a sense of arrival on each floor and exploit the southeastward views across the city which get increasingly spectacular as one rises.
Southeastward are the lands of the Olympic National Forest, dedicated primarily to high-volume logging in old-growth stands.
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