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Synonyms for southeast

the compass point midway between south and east

the southeastern region of the United States

the direction corresponding to the southeastward compass point

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a location in the southeastern part of a country, region, or city

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coming from the southeast

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situated in or oriented toward the southeast

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to, toward, or in the southeast

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In the southeasternmost stretch the height of the scarp reaches 250-300 m, but farther to the NW it diminishes to 120 m.
3) Tamils are the primary ethnic and language group of Tamil Nadu, the southeasternmost state of India.
Clearly, the northwesternmost fringes of modern Turkey and the southeasternmost region of Bulgaria bridging the Orient with the Occident may yield enough archaeological evidence to link the chronologies and mutual influences of both the prehistoric cultures of Europe and the Aegean-Anatolian world.
East Timor is the tiny half island territory which lies one hour to the north of Darwin, Australia, and at the southeasternmost tip of Indonesia.
Repeated GPS campaigns (1997-2001), in turn, appear to suggest a minor left-lateral component of motion along the SMF, although data coming from the southeasternmost part of this zone seem to indicate an opposite trend (cf.
Felsic tuff occurs in five thin fault slices in the Burnt Hill belt and all but the southeasternmost one pinch out toward the northeast in thin-bedded Miramichi Group slate and quartzite along strike faults (Fig.
The southeasternmost location in Mexico where southern quahogs have been harvested is by Isla Arena near the town of Celestun, Campeche, close to the Yucatan border.
Recent studies provide overviews of these Malayic variants, including the Kendayan group in the northwest, the so-called 'Dayak Tebang' group near the delta of the Kapuas River (a region often labelled 'uninhabited' in contemporary linguistic atlases), the Kayung-Pesaguan group in the southern part of the province and the Ulu Jelai group in the southeasternmost part of the province.
Dooling and Steve Alden--who farms Zinfandel and Merlot at Alden Ranch on Fish Ranch Road (one of the southeasternmost within the new appellation, along with neighbors Zeni, Ciapusci and Gianoli)--were the prime instigators of the Mendocino Ridge appellation, a concept that caused great consternation among the federal regulators, who initially rejected their application as out-of-hand.
The new specimen of Myotis ciliolabrum from Garden County, the southeasternmost specimen from Nebraska, was found dead near a small cave.
Many of the southeasternmost patches of smooth-faced rocks illustrated in Figure 8 have exfoliating surfaces; the rest is lichen-encrusted limestone.
The starting point for our telescopic tour will be the southeasternmost star in Orion's Belt, also known as Alnitak.
Known for its exquisite sculpture and long hieroglyphic texts, Copan is the southeasternmost of the major ruins considered to be part of the southern Maya lowlands, and one of the few not located in the tropical jungles of Belize, Guatemala, and Yucatan.
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