southeastern United States

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the southeastern region of the United States

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Water family will enable our company to provide a stronger focus on data centers, commercial/institutional business, and the food industry in the Southeastern United States.
Historically, the infection has been absent from this region of the southeastern United States, and surveys, including a number of our own unpublished observations in northern and southern areas of Georgia over the past 10 years, have never encountered this infection (5).
As the commercial center of the southeastern United States, Atlanta has the strong business, transportation, and hospitality infrastructure that will be needed to support the FTAA Secretariat.
The proportion of people living in poverty is greater in the southeastern United States," where syphilis remains most problematic, Hook says.
The consensus trees were then projected as area cladograms onto the southeastern United States to visualize the geographic orientation of the composite haplotypes.
Forest Service agreed to cease clearcutting practices in woodpecker habitat on all national forest land in the southeastern United States until a new management direction could be drafted.
Controlling WNV in the southeastern United States will take a concerted, cohesive effort.
subflavus variants are still the most prevalent rabies virus variants among bat-associated terrestrial mammal deaths in the northwestern and southeastern United States.
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