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Synonyms for southeast

the compass point midway between south and east

the southeastern region of the United States

the direction corresponding to the southeastward compass point

Related Words

a location in the southeastern part of a country, region, or city

Related Words

coming from the southeast

Related Words

situated in or oriented toward the southeast

Related Words

to, toward, or in the southeast

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At the same time, prior to the 1980s, few Southeast Asian historians sought to engage with these broader debates in world history, and to locate Southeast Asia within global parameters.
If one of the most defining features of contemporary art is that it is ephemeral, challenges history and speaks of the moment, then there is no artist more representative of the contemporary than the artist from Southeast Asia.
Percival approaches his subject starting with a historical overview of Chinese strategic goals in Southeast Asia and the policies they have used to achieve them.
And that means the orangutan could well be the next of Southeast Asia's 4,000 endangered species to go the way of the already extinct Javan rhinoceros and tiger.
Ag Market Research (AMR), a tracking firm recognized for studying farm broadcasting audiences nationwide, indicates Southeast AgNet's broadcasters are recognized by 72 percent of farmers surveyed in key agricultural regions of the three states.
Which of the following countries is not part of Southeast Asia: India, Indonesia, or the Philippines?
In addition to his service to DISAM, he is an adjunct professor of Southeast Asia studies at the Department of State's Foreign Service Institute, at the U.
In many of Southeast Asia's armed forces, a culture of corruption has evolved under years of authoritarian governments, often abetted by the military.
The economy of every country in Southeast Asia is in decline; there's no clear sign of a turnaround.
If you're looking for a good quality paddle that's a little less taxing, Wilderness Southeast has them, too.
We have found that there are five essential criteria for making the foray into the Southeast Asia market feasible:
One cluster consists mainly of northeast Asians and residents of the Americas; the other encompasses Europeans, Africans, native Australians and southeast Asians.
The purpose of this essay is to explore the role of Southeast Asian studies in the disciplines, and to argue that there are distinct benefits to preserving a plural, disciplinary foundation for Southeast Asian studies as a field of inquiry.
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