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Synonyms for south-polar

at or near the south pole


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The outline of Antarctica is visible under the clouds that form the striking south-polar vortex.
The new survey also found highly polarized signals from the south-polar region, but they came from both permanently dark regions and sunlit areas that cannot sustain ice for long periods.
Just 2 months ago, Mars loomed high in the sky, its ruddy countenance so close that anyone with a backyard telescope could make out the planet's white south-polar cap and a central smudge known as Syrtis Major.
The Red Planet's south-polar region may contain an expanse of ice just beneath its surface, according to data gathered by the Mars Odyssey spacecraft, which began mapping the planet late last month.
But this value might match or even exceed the northern cap's volume if the entire south-polar plateau is included (assuming it is mostly buried ice).