south wind

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a wind from the south

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It was her best face physically that was now set against the south wind.
They surged to and fro like the waves of the Icarian Sea, when the east and south winds break from heaven's clouds to lash them; or as when the west wind sweeps over a field of corn and the ears bow beneath the blast, even so were they swayed as they flew with loud cries towards the ships, and the dust from under their feet rose heavenward.
There is a high headland hereabouts stretching out into the sea from a place called Gortyn, and all along this part of the coast as far as Phaestus the sea runs high when there is a south wind blowing, but arter Phaestus the coast is more protected, for a small headland can make a great shelter.
So they sat silent in their craft for fear, and did not loose the sheets throughout the black, hollow ship, nor lowered the sail of their dark-prowed vessel, but as they had set it first of all with oxhide ropes, so they kept sailing on; for a rushing south wind hurried on the swift ship from behind.
You may hear them groan, when the south wind blows, louder than the lowing buffaloes, along the shores of the great salt lake, where the big canoes come and go with them in droves.
There are no North and South Winds of any account upon this earth.
The north and south winds met where the house stood, and made it the exact center of the cyclone.
At five o'clock the Victoria, sheltered from the south winds, went gently gliding along the slopes of the mountain, and stopped in a wide clearing remote from any habitation.
According to a report released by Global Forecast System, an anticyclone currently dominating in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe, will slowly move eastwards next week, and the west wind in Latvia will turn into a south wind, bringing along hot air.
The weather is expected to be rainless in Baku on August 16.Mild south wind will blow.
On July 30 in Baku and Absheron peninsula, no precipitation is expected, the south wind will blow, the National Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources told APA.
With the south wind, that's a long swing off course.
Bears kicker Cody Parkey entered the game with 26 touchbacks in 30 kickoffs, but his TD-yielding boot to Patterson was into a south wind.
To the south wind speeds will be more moderate with wind speeds of close to 20 mph although some gusts could peak at 40 mph in parts of Wales and southwestern England.
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