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the side that is on the south

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* It was long a question of debate, whether the burning of the South Side ghetto was accidental, or whether it was done by the Mercenaries; but it is definitely settled now that the ghetto was fired by the Mercenaries under orders from their chiefs.
I first made a little out to sea, full north, till I began to feel the benefit of the current, which set eastward, and which carried me at a great rate; and yet did not so hurry me as the current on the south side had done before, so as to take from me all government of the boat; but having a strong steerage with my paddle, I went at a great rate directly for the wreck, and in less than two hours I came up to it.
Near the end, Hall and Billy went out of sight over the south side of the backbone, and when Saxon saw them again they were rounding the extreme point of rock and coming back on the cove side.
I must make him know that I will not be tricked on the south side of Everingham, any more than on the north: that I will be master of my own property.
It was mysterious then to get up in the darkness and walk through the deserted streets of the South Side. At those hours it was generally the husband who brought the card.
At the eastern end of the city he turned toward the south, continuing his way to the south side of the wall along which were the pens and corrals where the herbivorous flocks were fattened for the herds of domesticated lions within the city.
Another detachment was dispatched to a point before the village gate, while he remained with the balance upon the south side of the clearing.
It is all round the house, but the principal part is on the south side and has evidently always been so.
On th south side we came to the best country for wild cattle; w met, however, no great number, for they had been latel much harassed.
Seven people were taken to hospitals to be treated for minor injuries after a train they were on partially derailed on Chicago's South Side.
"It's clear from the comments that councillors made today that they're largely in support of something which would be far more appropriate for the area and that respects the LGBT community and respects the nightlife industry that is all around South Side, that makes up the fabric of South Side.
"I'm looking for either accommodation on the south side in one of the homeless units, or else any accommodation on the south side.
Ro'berson grew up on the south side of Chicago in the 1950s in a family with ten siblings, facing rising racial tensions in her neighborhood throughout her childhood.
"I can confirm that the north side is definitely more difficult than the south side.
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