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a long cassock with buttons down the front

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Le passage de la soutane au vetement civil (veston avec sa croix, col romain) est signifie dans la narration graphique sur cette tres belle planche.
When one of them opted for the ecclesiastical state, this involved further cost: a soutane (38l.
Deambulant pieds nus avec sa soutane blanche (comme tous les celestes consacres), il ne cesse d'intriguer les autres etudiants surtout lorsqu'il entreprend de purifier les couloirs les lendemains de beuverie avec de la fumee d'encens.
The beggars vanished; only a priest in a torn soutane still whined for charity.
The soutane, the chasuble, the priest's ascending the steps before the altar, his intonations in Latin, in the name of and in lie u of the faithful, created a sense of security, the feeling that there is something in reserve, something to fall back on as a last resort; that they, the priestly caste, do this "for us.
Italian newspapers in mid-September reported general Vatican discontent with several little stories in the book, including: Pope Pius XII drank at least one glass of wine a day and carried a flask in his soutane when he traveled; Pope John XXIII is said to have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day at times; and Vatican Radio has material ready to broadcast at the death of Pope John Paul II.
With his rather shabby soutane and heavy brogues, his somewhat rustic appearance alone would have denied the fact, had not his mores been as unimpeachable as was his manner toward the intellectuals and aristos of his flock.
Against this background of terror, Father Aristide in his white soutane stands out as a figure of exemplary courage, holding the junta and its members personally and politically responsible for what he calls "the civil war' in Jean-Rabel and castigating the Catholic hierarchy for its complicity.
And there in his purple-edged soutane and biretta, his voice stirring as the neigh of a war-horse in battle, his keen blue-grey eyes flashing back the people's own enthusiasm and love, he would boldly tell them of their God-given right to the first-fruits of the land they tilled, and of his own readiness to testify if needs be with his life, to the justice of their cause.
Father Viza, in reply, took the statuette out of the pocket of his soutane.
49) It is possible to imagine him there, conspicuous by his height and his long black soutane, strolling slowly through the crowds of excursionists, often in company with fellow priests.
Note:] In Moliere's day, the soutane was not peculiar to the clergy.
One of them, dressed in soutane and surplice stood on the low pedestal.
The Paddybats, the straps that would fly out of the soutane like vipers' tongues, the beatings amidst the prayers - whack
Murphy retakes the pen, or keyboard, for his re-presentation of Un Coeur sous une soutane, of which he already published a critical edition with facsimile (Charleville-Mezieres: Musee-Bibliotheque Arthur Rimbaud, 1991).