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the lowest brass wind instrument

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He wasn't going to sully a work like The Ring just to take a swipe at Judaism down in the sousaphones, just in order to make his old drinking-buddies laugh.
It provides ultrasonic cleaning of brass instruments ranging from trumpets through to sousaphones, prior to them receiving a final protective anti-tarnish lacquer.
Eggert's next project is raising $4,000 to buy two new sousaphones for the Lebanon High Marching Band.
of Elkhart on a brasswind that would become known as the sousaphone. The first "bell-front" sousaphones, the kind that sport school logos in the bells, were made in 1908.
(Marching bands usually feature sousaphones, a tuba that sends sound upward and over the band in front.)
Nearly 100 low-brass players from around the state will bring their tubas, sousaphones, euphoniums and baritone horns to the Springfield Museum parking lot, 550 Main St., at noon Dec.
But it is the only one using British composer David Grosvenor's book (`Carols for Low Brass') of arrangements for massed tubas, sousaphones, euphoniums and baritone horns.