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the lowest brass wind instrument

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The sousaphone is a fantastic instrument, how did you come to start playing it?
She plays the pre-war stuff and the rest of her distinctive mix of music with Daniel Eikmeier on trumpet and vocals; Ben Link on trombone, Connor McRae on drums and Andrew Burns on bass and sousaphone.
Condon, trumpet-player Kyle Resnick and trombone and sousaphone player Ben Lanz were breathtaking when harmonizing, whether instrumentally or vocally.
The band's foundation will be provided by Ralph Hamperian on sousaphone, Kevin Raczka on snare drum, and Taylor Floreth on Bass Drum—and this rhythm section cooks on high octane, so be sure to wear your dancing shoes.
The band - two trombones, two trumpets, reeds, sousaphone and drums - played its first gig at the Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul Festival, wowed Birmingham city centre at the 4 Squares Weekender earlier this month, and is at the Hare And Hounds in Kings Heath tonight (Thursday).
But we were enthralled by the entertainment in the street itself when a brass band, made up of teenagers with trombones, trumpets and giant sousaphone tubas, stopped the traffic.
The band has seven musicians, all on different instruments -- trumpet, piano, clarinet, saxophone, sousaphone (a huge brass instrument that wraps around the player's upper body), drums and trombone.
Secret Word" began innocuously to a string-quartet waltz tempo until Jacob Garchik appeared playing an elephantine white sousaphone, joined by Hearst himself playing a rare and singular claviola, essentially a wind/keyboard/pipe instrument.
And I stayed after school and played tuba, sousaphone, trombone, so I could be up front with the majorettes in the marching band.
The commission, including brass instruments, was offered to Vandall because the influence of brass could be heard in many of his solo piano compositions; it was serendipitous that the composer responded with the admission that he had played the sousaphone as a young student.
But words weren't enough to satisfy his appetite for art: He studied the violin and the banjo, the ukulele and the sousaphone, and spent as much time as he could in theaters or at silent movies.
Trust me, you'd have never believed a sousaphone could be so damn funky.
Venice West, California [AM 39]), hay otra que nos sorprende gracias a su perfeccion formal y claridad compositiva, como de ello dan ejemplo la geometria de la tuba sousaphone y la bandera que ondea sobre el muro de textura blanquecina en Mitin.
I played fiddle a long time, as well as sousaphone and tuba in the marching band.