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small tropical American tree bearing large succulent slightly acid fruit

large spiny tropical fruit with tart pulp related to custard apples

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lt;<Effect of the Application of 1-Methylcyclopropene and Wax Emulsions on Proximate Analysis and Some Antioxidants of Soursop (Annona muricata L.
Soursops were harvested using the disc collection method proposed by Livera (1992), and the following physical characteristics were observed:
The soursops were analysed by AOAC methods (AOAC, 2006) with respect to the following physical and chemical parameters: moisture, ash, protein, lipid, total dietary fiber and insoluble dietary fiber content.
The results of the chemical composition analysis of soursops are similar to those described by Sousa et al.
05) in soluble fibre composition (Table 1), among mature soursops or between soursops in the physiological maturity.
The total dietary fibre found in soursops in the current study was equivalent to that found by Guerra et al.
Soursops are also considered an important source of functional compounds such as phenolic compounds.
The level of EPPs in the methanol extract of soursop pulp found in this study was almost two times higher than reported by other authors in soursop pulp, who have reported values from 1.
With the use of emerging methods in combination con solvents it is possible to obtain a significant polyphenols and identified acetogenins from soursop pulp.
Caption: FIGURE 1-Extractable polyphenol content in soursop pulp extracts, obtained with four solvents and subjected to three methods of extraction.
Caption: FIGURE 2-Antioxidant capacity by DPPH (a) and ABTS (b) radical scavenging essay and FRAP (c) method, in soursop pulp extracts, obtained with four solvents and subjected to three methods of extraction.
2]) and extinction coefficients between extractable polyphenols (EPPs), antioxidant capacity by DPPH, ABTS and FRAP assays in extracts of soursop pulp.