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Synonyms for sourness

the taste experience when vinegar or lemon juice is taken into the mouth

the property of being acidic

a sullen moody resentful disposition

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Crumbled Blue has a fine, nutty, blue aroma and hints of marzipan, which is overlaid on the sourness of the cheese, creating a soft and elegant bitterness that is hard to resist.
The beetroot gives it a slight sweetness, and the cranberry gives it a tart, dry sourness.
This year Terra Rossa's repeat 2-star winner Zesty Sumac Citrus Berry, is an essential ingredient in Arabic cooking and relished for its sourness and astringency.
11% abv beer is "dark ir color with malty notes of caramel and cola and a clean lactic sourness.
It can be spicy, fruity, fairly high strength, and with a touch of sourness and dryness.
Lamb and lentils are perfect together and our version of the popular dhansak is deliciously hot, with a hint of sourness provided by the lime juice.
The sourness of the civet coffee is similar to the taste of traditional Arabic and Emirati coffee.
Of late, however, sourness crept into their relation after which, the youth had turned eccentric and begun posting strange comments on her Facebook wall.
An 82 - member consumer panel rated each product for saltiness, sweetness, bitterness, sourness and umami taste intensity, as well as ham and cheese aroma intensity.
This sourness is a result of the fermentation process used in preparing the dough and the proportion of liquid to flour.
Caper's approach to getting everyone to love him results in only bitterness and sourness.
The new White Grape Flavor is noted for its mellow and refreshing taste compared to the existing Grapefruit and Peach Flavor, and is even recommended for those people who have a slight aversion to sourness.
Sourness and bitterness often meant food was spoiled or contained toxins and were a warning sign not to eat it.
The new variety has high nutritious contents, less sourness due to higher 1:14 ratio of sourness-sweetness.